SonoWand Invite

Company Wind-Down August 2015

Sonowand AS has developed, manufactured and sold the SonoWand Invite 3D ultrasound and neuro-navigation system. The SonoWand Invite™ is an intraoperative imaging system combining preoperative CT/MR with intraoperative 3D Ultrasound images, 3D Power Doppler and classic neuronavigation. The system enables the surgeon to navigate precisely in the brain using 3D ultrasound images acquired during the surgery. Brain shift can easily be detected and any sensitive or critical areas avoided during the surgery. The system is excellent to visualize blood flow and blood vessels both in 2D and 3D and to see remaining tumor (resection control) towards the end of the surgery.

43 systems have been sold world-wide and are in use with a number of leading surgeons and hospitals. Clinically there is little doubt that the system is a success and has helped a number of brain tumor patients. However, over the last 10 years it has not been possibly to make Sonowand a commercial success and it is decided to close sales of all new systems.

Continued warranty, service and spare parts supply

We realise that our customers need service and support and want to assist in the best possible way. Therefore, Sonowand will use its limited resources to serve our existing partners and customers. In collaboration with our partner, Nordic Service Group, Sonowand will continue to offer technical service, support, spare parts, navigation tools and consumables. Warranty will be covered for systems under warranty.

You find a description of the navigation tools, ultrasound probes and accessories we offer on the top of this web page. In addition to this parts and modules of the SonoWand Invite are available as spare parts. In most cases a service or repair of a system can be done at the hospital.

Asset sale

While we so far have not been able to create a commercial success, we strongly believe the technology and use of 3D ultrasound has a future in neurosurgery. SonoWand owns all software and rights to the SonoWand Invite system. In the hands of the right owners it is fully possible to develop this further. We are open to discuss a sale to any company that would consider purchasing SonoWand´s product line and assets with the intention of continuing development and sales. Please contact SonoWand at